Sccm 2016 distribution point not updating

08 Oct

Copy and paste the newly renamed into the same location. The Package ID can be found if you go the Software Library node, expand Operating Systems, select Boot Images and select the Boot image (x64).If a Distribution Point in System Center Configuration Manager has failed packages it probably has a cause and resending the packages might not be the right solution to the problem.Below is the steps that I did for both the x86 and x64 boot images. Rename it so that it reflects the boot image for the site, e.g. In the Image ID column you’ll find the Package ID value that should be used in the above Power Shell command.This is actually the point where things start to go wrong, since depending on who is performing the distribution of the content, different options are chosen.My personal preference is to define distribution groups, and always distribute content to distribution groups.Create site hierarchy (previously completed)Enable distribution point sharing (previously completed)Navigate and select a Shared Distribution Point to upgrade Migration job Configuration Manager 2012 uninstalls Configuration Manager 2007 secondary site Upgrade job pauses awaiting next data gathering job to verify if the Secondary Site uninstall is completed (can manually start this task)Configuration Manager 2012 distribution point installs Content conversion is performed Job is completed.

These are listed in the class For starters I filtered the packages after Status being 2 or 3 but there is no obvious property containing the name of the Distribution Point, only the property Server NALPath.One of most important and critically used feature in configuration manager 2012 is Software updates .It is always challenging and import task for any sccm administrator to achieve good patch compliance success rate within the given SLA(Service level agreement).If an application is retired, it stays on the distribution point, but you can’t distribute it anymore (leaving compliance in monitoring less than 100%) so if you expire an application remember to remove it from the distribution point groups. Make sure you understand how this works before you start cleaning up the mess, read this blogpost in order to understand the scenario’s.I don’t want to be blamed that content gets removed from your distribution point while you are cleaning things up. Removing content from a distribution point while initially deployed to a distribution point group is evil! If you remove a distribution point from a distribution point group, the content stays on the distribution point.