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28 Mar

Hugely, I would still be in my rural hometown of 8,000 people in Oregon probably living next door to my family.Marriage is one of the most important issues that happens for most of the people in the world and probably is the most important one! A lot of times, we are still trying to figure out our own love lives and the best advice we can offer is what we’ve learned through our own experiences. I’ve asked him to be straight with me: is it because I am not Persian or the same religion? He says that it’s because once you meet them – then all the floodgates will open and his parents will keep asking when we are going to get married and have kids.With that said, we received an email recently asking us for very specific advice. I countered that by saying we will just have to explain to his parents that we are not ready for all of that yet especially, financially.Name = Marilyn Years Married = Number of Children = 2 Country & City = South Africa, Cape Town Subject = need advice I have been in a relationship with a muslim man for more than 3years and we have a child together.He wants me to convert to the muslim religion before he we can get married.

The oldest is my husband's stepson, so you see what a good person my husband is that he's accepted my oldest son as his own son (and it was really a necessary requirement too). I think that puts holes in any stereotype someone may have that Iranian men would not be as all embracing in family life as Western men. We met in Haifa, Israel on Pilgrimage to visit the Baha'i holy places.this places pressure on me as Im not sure if iam ready to make that decision yet.I read that it is permissable for a muslim man to get married to a christian or jewish woman - is this allowed in South Africa.To answer this question I should explain a custom which we called ‘Khastegari’. I am British and am interested in Persian culture / language and Iran itself.