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07 Dec

School just started and every other day I get an email about a sexual assault or someone getting robbed in the parking lots.

Speaking of parking,it costs about 130-150 dollars to get the crappiest and some of the most unsafe parking on campus. People that say this school gets you more bang for your buck clearly don't keep up with other schools in Texas.

An ability to determine T-t history is a key to understanding a variety of tectonic problems, energy sources such as fossil fuels and geothermal energy, and is the best method for precise dating of young volcanic rocks.

What is it really like to go to University of Houston?D., 1990, Geology, State University of New York at Albany M.S., 1986, Geology, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology B.Reviewed by Riley from Houston on 2016-09-06 TURN AROUND AND RUN TO UT/A&M!Since I've joined UH, all it's ever been about is making the school look good through athletics.