Updating spamassassin rules

07 Jun

• Updated SQLite • Fix for Group sorting changing on grid clear • Fix for Friends not importing • Fix for Blacklist not importing • Fix for case sensibility when grouping by subject • Fix for Restore triggering IMAP command • Fix for Mail Washer launching as Admin after a Standard User install • Fix for manual clearing of Recycle Bin not clearing All Logged Emails • Fix for importing accounts from Outlook 2016 • Fix for Mail Washer getting hung when STOP is pressed • Fix for grouping sort being altered by clearing the message list • Fix for Profanity Filter crash • Fix for database VACUUM failing • Fix for crash when registering with Japanese characters Download this Version• You can now group by Arrived or Sent.

The groups are layered as Today, Yesterday, Last Week, Last Month, All Time • Added Profanity filter • Added 20, 30 and 60 second intervals to the balloon notification • Reply-To added to Custom Filters • Added Delivered-To to Custom Filters • Added Helvetica as a selectable font • Mail Washer minimum height reduced • Added ability to Move deleted messages to specified IMAP folder • Import contacts from i Cloud, Yahoo, and Gmail in to the Friends List • Fix for 'Show email header' and 'Show action buttons' not saving correctly • Fix for crash when quickly moving between emails • Fix for extra whitespace being present when Preview Pane is positioned to the right • Fix for Mail Washer sending large IMAP commands • Fix for Mail Washer not handling incorrect IMAP logons correctly • Fix for special characters in IMAP passwords • Fix for Hebrew not displaying properly • Fix for Yahoo Group emails not always getting triggered by Custom Filters • Fix for Tutorial video • Fix for crashing on Windows 8 • Fix for crash when switching user accounts • Fix for Mail Washer closing windows of other applications • Fix for crash when viewing certain email content • Fix for crash when selecting Report Bug • Fix for text being cut off in Help & Information • Fix for bouncing via OAUTHDownload this Version• Custom Filters 'Message Body' now applies after Base64 messages are decoded • OAUTH option now properly adjusts for SMTP • Option to disable OAUTH added • Fix for OAUTH and Recent Mode • Fix for certain SSL accounts failing to logon • Fix for obscure crash when setting scroll wheel behaviour Download this Version• Added support for Google OAUTH • Added SIZE to Custom Filters • Custom Filters now support IS operator • Added READ column checkbox to mark/unmark all emails as Read • Mail Washer now periodically runs a database VACUUM • Quick Reply now properly uses Reply-To • Fix for MW not matching UTF8 encoded email addresses • Fix for Blacklist and Friends List editing • Fix for Recycle Bin not updating on date rollover • Fix for blank/mismatched IMAP email • Fix for Download Read Email resetting on install • Fix for Cyrillic characters in database path causing database failing to open • Fix for UTF8 encoded Sender not matching Friends List/Blacklist • Fix for Mail Washer not unfolding Long Header Fields (Spam Assassin fix) • Fix for non ASCII characters in data path • Fix for apostrophes in URLs • Fix for Scroll Wheel not scrolling message when switching to HTML view • Fix for URL warnings not showing in HTML emails • Fix for 'Always show event log' not saving between sessions • SQLite version updated • Updated Account Importer - Outlook 2016, Thunderbird • Updated Contact Importer • Misc small tweaks and fixes Download this Version• IMAP accounts now by default do not load Read emails.

To access the most updated features, convert your legacy autoresponders to automations.

Warning i Red Mail is designed to be deployed on a FRESH server system, which means your server does NOT have mail related components installed, e.g. i Red Mail will install and configure them for you automatically.

Otherwise it may override your existing files/configurations althought it will backup files before modifying, and it may not be working as expected.

To do this: Visit the SD Association's website and download SD Formatter 4.0 for either Windows or Mac. Insert your SD card into the computer or laptop's SD card reader and make a note of the drive letter allocated to it, e.g.

G:/ In SD Formatter, select the drive letter for your SD card and format it.