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29 Dec

But this novel tells that love can change the life. Continue Reading Zameen Kay Ansoo By Nighat Seema is an interesting and famous novel.this novel hold up with everything love, romance, emotions, politics, economical issue, a country crises and patriotism. Continue Reading Nahi Asan Ye Safar By Nayab Jallani is an amazing novel.It's the perfect novel for when you can't decide on what kind of plot elements you want, so you decide to have all of them at once.

The long, blond hair, the gleaming hunks of waxed man-cleavage peeking out from a shirt that's undone but still tucked in: these are the hallmarks of romance. That may be the stereotypical image of romance, and most certainly of romance novels, but that's not romance itself—not by a long shot.

Romance novels often are accused of generating false expectations among readers.

Not so: romance novels can and have pointed the way toward genuine expressions of affection for many readers, myself included.

Ye Chahitaan Ye Shidataan Part 2 By Sumaira Sharif Toor is now available here to read online.

writer very beautifully summed up things with the the characters. Continue Reading Ye Chahitaan Ye Shiditaan By Sumaira Sharief Toor is an amazing novel.