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13 May

Tunisian genetic diversity was studied by using morphological and molecular markers; some are related to agronomic traits.

Tunisian date production increased during recent decades and represents more than 18 % of the national tree production.

Hamza Zeramdini discovered jazz in the festival “Jazz Colors” .

He isactive on the Tunisian jazz scene playing with internationally renowned musicians.

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Many exhaustive resource inventory programs of date palms have been done in Tunisia.

Tons of cull dates are rejected by processing industries, and attempts to develop new products are supported by research programs.

However, the major products are currently destined for exportation because of limited local marketing and the dietary habits of the Tunisian people.

Something is rotten in the state of Tunisia, although you wouldn't know it without digging deep.

On the surface, Tunisia is seen as a shining example of democratic evolution in the Arab world.