Abc reality show dating dark

23 Oct

One thing it will share with the original show is creator Paolo Sorrentino. The Handmaid's Tale (Hulu) renewed for a 2nd season.

Warning: these shows are highly addictive, if pretty pointless.

Everlasting, at this point, has gone 14 seasons without casting a star of color—and Rachel, having fought to update her show’s regressive monochromism, is now exceedingly proud of herself for having won the battle. And that, of course, only served to add to the drama of the revelation—made on Monday, as was foretold, on Jimmy Kimmel’s ABC show (and reiterated, on Tuesday morning, on ABC’s .

”Un REAL and the show it mocks have, for the past couple of years, been engaged in a particularly ripply kind of feedback loop: Since the satire entered the scene, The Bachelor and the other shows that circle in its gauzy orbit have offered viewers, even more than they did before, teasing plot twists and low-hanging conspiracy theories and, in general, a posture of inviting knowingness when it comes to the interplay between reality and “reality.” So it was fitting that, on Monday—when The Bachelor announced that it had cast the Texas-based lawyer Rachel Lindsay to be its next Bachelorette, the first person of color to star in the 21 seasons of ’s creator, stirring rumors about Rachel’s elevation to Bachelorettehood via a series of impishly enigmatic tweets—suggesting, in their brevity, that the powers-that-B had made a selection for the show that was so “historic” and “history-making” as to be, indeed, possibly “the most-historic in the history of #thebachelor”: Was Fleiss joking with all this “most-historic thing in the #history of history” stuff?

The network has also picked up a 20-episode 3rd season of Teachers, to air in 2018 (after the 2nd half of S2 airs this fall).

CBS has renewed 16 series for next season: 48 Hours, 60 Minutes, Blue Bloods, Bull, Hawaii Five-0, Kevin Can Wait, Life in Pieces, Mac Gyver, Madam Secretary, Man With a Plan, Mom, NCIS: LA, NCIS New Orleans, Scorpion, Superior Donuts, and Survivor. New sitcom The Great Indoors, not-so-new sitcoms 2 Broke Girls and The Odd Couple, drama Code Black, and procedurals Criminal Minds (plus its spinoff) and Elementary.