Dating vintage ibanez guitars

16 Jan

Need an Appraisal for Your Vintage Made-in-Japan (MIJ) Guitar or Bass?NOTE: For everything you ever wanted to know about Vintage Ibanez guitars, please visit the discussion forums at Ibanez Collectors World.Let me get right to the point: If a guitar does not have a valid "Ibanez" logo on its headstock, then it's NOT an Ibanez guitar.I'll explain the reasons behind this in a moment, but first, take a look at text from an ad run during the 1970s: That gets right to the point.What does exist is a Trading Company named Hoshino Gakki Group.

1999 Ibanez Rg 7620 W/ Dimarzio Petrucci Set Livewire Custom Inlays.D78....): I bought this guitar new in 1978 at Brian Guitars in New Haven, Connecticut.It dates to April of 1978, which was the last month that they made these NT versions with an NT headstock.After settling the lawsuit, Ibanez began focusing more on its own models and partnerships with leading guitarists, especially as the 1980s heralded a focused attention on guitar solos and virtuosity.Paul Stanley of Kiss, for example, stuck with the Ibanez Iceman model, whereas Adrian Smith of Iron Maiden generally used the Ibanez Destroyer.