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26 Oct

You cannot drop published objects, therefore the schema change fails.For transactional replication and merge replication, schema changes are propagated incrementally when the Distribution Agent or Merge Agent runs.For snapshot replication, schema changes are propagated when a new snapshot is applied at the Subscriber.In snapshot replication, a new copy of the schema is sent to the Subscriber each time synchronization occurs.That xmlns attribute specifies a "default namespace" and means that the root element and its children are in this namespace.What i misunderstood is that, there's no way with the DOM api to specify a "default namespace" for each children of the root element.

When schema changes are made in SQL Server Management Studio, Management Studio attempts to drop and re-create the table.

A note for people trying to validate complex schemas with PHP.

Error is not on your side, but the implementation of Oracle and non-standard format “xsd: date Time”.

Oracle is unable to cope with the end character “Z” for the zone.

Replication supports a wide range of schema changes to published objects.